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I have been learning to draw. I am a writer and I want to be more of an artist than I am right now. I am much better than I was thanks to the encouragement of my partner.

I don't need motivation to write, since that seems to be part of my autistic constellation. But since I am learning to draw as an adult, I often lose motivation to practice. The interesting part is that these hiatuses often end with a drawing more advanced than the ones I was doing before I stopped.
Patience is not one of my virtues. I will post before and after pics of my work - it may shed some light.

There is one weird extrinsic thing that helps me draw. I watch My Little Ponies. I also have a Cross Selectip with fibertip refills, and rolling ball refills that I did not want to waste. How to use them up? Seriously, this is related....

I noticed that the ponies have anime eyes, and those have a lot of black. I started drawing anime eyes. Then, for some reason I switched to a pencil and drew a pretzel, a hand and a face in 3/4 view (incomplete). After drawing a poorly rendered "W" in 3D, I started using the sketchbook for notes on the MLP shows. One eye and an evil creature later I drew a human (sort of) eye and the face of the small stuffed husky sitting behind the computer. Episode 21 saw a really bad apple and then a better one (1-13). The apple got rendered in color and Episode 23 saw me drawing the MLP clouds. By episode 26 (still 1-13) there was a decently rendered apple.
poorly not
Then the hiatus. I watched, but just wrote notes. On 1-17 I drew an apple bucket and a really bad windmill. 1-19 saw a poorly done apple and a well done bottle, both without pencil sketches. Another hiatus followed. On 2/1 pony legs, badly sketched in pen - the Cross selectip finally was running out! Unfortunately I have 3 active Selectips so I switched to another, also running out. This is important for the thin sketchy lines they produced.
A set of eyes inspired by Radioactive Panda (style very similar to the Spacerobots), and then some play with showing emotions just with eyes (oh, god, I suck at that!). On 2-2, 3 characters with faces more advanced than anything I've ever done.

If I am not watching MLP, it's much harder to draw. What the heck am I getting out of that show???


"I should..." - Intrinsically motivating oneself

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